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as Sadie
Status: (TBA)
Premiere: (TBA)
Genre: (TBA)
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as Kelly
Status: Post-Production
Premiere: (TBA)
Theater Release: Jan 16, 2015
Genre: Film | Sci-Fi Thriller
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2 Guns2 GUNS
as Ms. Young
Status: On DVD
Premiere: July 29, 2013
DVD Release: Nov 19, 2013
Genre: Film | Crime-Drama
IMDB - Official

Ray DonovanRAY DONOVAN (S1)
as Ashley Rucker
Status: Completed
Premiere: June 30, 2013
Genre: TV | Drama
Network: Showtime - Sun 10/9c
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as Iris Parker
Status: On DVD
Premiere: Jan 18, 2013
DVD Release: Jan 7, 2014
Genre: Film | Thriller
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as Milk Skinned Blonde
Status: On DVD
Premiere: Jan 7, 2013
DVD Release: April 23, 2013
Genre: Film | Crime-Drama
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as Elizabeth
Status: On DVD
Premiere: Sept 7, 2012
DVD Release: Feb 26, 2013
Genre: Film | Drama
IMDB - Official

as Riley
Status: On DVD
Ultra VOD: Feb 3, 2012
DVD Release: May 8, 2012
Genre: Film | Supernatural Thriller
IMDB - Official

All television times are in EST
09/22 - "Ray Donovan" SHO 10PM
Episode: 1.12 "Same Exactly"

09/22 - "Ray Donovan" SHO 11PM
Episode: 1.12 "Same Exactly"

09/23 - "Ray Donovan" SHO 1AM
Episode: 1.12 "Same Exactly"

Movie Premieres
01/18 - "We Are What We Are" Premiere
07/29 - "2 Guns" Premiere

Theater & DVD Releases
01/16 - "Vice" in Theaters
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Saturday, Dec 29 2012
No move for Ambyr Childers Web
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under: Site
We had previously moved to a new host, but unfortunately it was not working out, so we moved back to the old host. I will catch up on the updates as soon as I can. Thank you for the patience.
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Tuesday, Oct 23 2012
Ambyr Childers Web is Moving to a New Host
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under: Site
We have been having some issues with some areas of the site for the past couple of months. Due to the problem, we are moving to a new host. I can't say exactly when this will be completely done, as it's going to take some time to get things backed up and moved. If at any time the site should go down, it is because the domains are in the process of pointing to the new host. When that happens it may go down for up to 24 hours. I will keep you guys updated. Thank you for the patience, I really appreciate it!
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Saturday, Sep 08 2012
"The Master" Premiere & Premiere Party
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under: Photos, Events
Ambyr attended the premiere for "The Master" yesterday, Sept 7, with her husband, Randall Emmett, during the Toronto International Film Festival. I've added 5 photos from the premiere party hosted by Grey Goose and 10 photos from the premiere (arrivals) to the Image Gallery. Doesn't she look so pretty?! :)

"The Master" Premiere Party

"The Master" Premiere

Image Uploads
{Link} "The Master" Premiere Party (MQ) - x5
{Link} "The Master" Premiere (MQ) - x10
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Saturday, Sep 08 2012
"Gangster Squad" Trailer & Release Dates
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under: Film
Here is the trailer for Ambyr's film, "Gangster Squad", due for a U.S. theater release on Jan 11, 2013.

Other international releases include:
Australia - January 10 2013
Netherlands - January 10 2013
Russia - January 10 2013
Ireland - January 11 2013
Sweden - January 11 2013
UK - January 11 2013
New Zealand - January 17 2013
Germany - January 24 2013
Greece - January 24 2013
Slovenia - January 31 2013
Brazil - February 1 2013
Norway - February 1 2013
Belgium - February 6 2013
Argentina - February 7 2013
Portugal - February 7 2013
Italy - February 21 2013
Denmark - February 28 2013
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Saturday, Sep 08 2012
"Freelancers" Movie Poster & Trailer
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under: Film, DVD
The 2012 film "Freelancers" (starring 50 Cent, Forest Whitaker and Robert De Niro) had recently popped up on Ambyr's IMDb page. The movie was released in U.S. theaters on August 10 (limited) and released to DVD on August 21. It must be another small part, seeing how it was just recently added. The film is also due for a theater release in Greece on Sept 13, and Mexico on Oct 19. View the movie poster and trailer below!

"Freelancers" Movie Poster

Image Uploads
{Link} "Freelancers" Movie Poster - x1
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Tuesday, Aug 28 2012
'Wonderland' Magazine Shoot
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under: Photos, Magazine
Here are two photos from the 'Wonderland' Magazine shoot. They are one in the same, only one is a close up shot. Photos are by Bjarne Jonasson.

Here is also an excerpt from the magazine:
Ambyr Childers on one of her wild moments from the past two years: “We were in Cannes and it was [Ed Hardy designer] Christian Audigier’s party, he had 50 Cent who is my husband’s producing partner perform at his party, there were probably 20,000 people. I was pregnant but I didn’t know I was pregnant and we were behind the stage and after 50 cent performed he decided to walk through the crowd. When he did, people literally started stampeding. 50’s trainer at the time picked me up, like he was carrying a child, and we had to go…It was so dangerous! It was such a fire hazard. I was so scared for my life, I was like ‘Oh my god, this is insane, these people are insane’ but it was so fun, that was definitely a memorable night.”

Image Uploads
{Link} 'Wonderland' Magazine Shoot (Bjarne Jonasson) - x2
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Tuesday, Aug 28 2012
"The Frozen Ground" Trailer
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under: Video, Film
"The Frozen Ground" used to be on Ambyr's IMDb page, but awhile back it had been taken off. I left it up in our filmography section (and in the sidebar) in case she is still in it. If she is, it most likely is a very small part. The same thing had happened with the 2010 movie "Twelve", she was still in it even though they had taken it off of her IMDb. So this is another "wait and see". Below is the official trailer for "The Frozen Ground", which stars Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, and Vanessa Hudgens. The film is set for a theater release on Nov 30.

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Tuesday, Aug 28 2012
"The Master" Trailer 2
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under: Video, Film, Screen Captures
Here is a second trailer for Ambyr's upcoming film, "The Master". HD screen captures can also be found in the Photo Gallery. The film is due for a theatrical release on Sept 21.

Image Uploads
{Link} "The Master" Trailer Screen Captures - x11
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