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as Sadie
Status: (TBA)
Premiere: (TBA)
Genre: (TBA)
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as Kelly
Status: Post-Production
Premiere: (TBA)
Theater Release: Jan 16, 2015
Genre: Film | Sci-Fi Thriller
IMDB - Official

2 Guns2 GUNS
as Ms. Young
Status: On DVD
Premiere: July 29, 2013
DVD Release: Nov 19, 2013
Genre: Film | Crime-Drama
IMDB - Official

Ray DonovanRAY DONOVAN (S1)
as Ashley Rucker
Status: Completed
Premiere: June 30, 2013
Genre: TV | Drama
Network: Showtime - Sun 10/9c
IMDB - Official

as Iris Parker
Status: On DVD
Premiere: Jan 18, 2013
DVD Release: Jan 7, 2014
Genre: Film | Thriller
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as Milk Skinned Blonde
Status: On DVD
Premiere: Jan 7, 2013
DVD Release: April 23, 2013
Genre: Film | Crime-Drama
IMDB - Official

as Elizabeth
Status: On DVD
Premiere: Sept 7, 2012
DVD Release: Feb 26, 2013
Genre: Film | Drama
IMDB - Official

as Riley
Status: On DVD
Ultra VOD: Feb 3, 2012
DVD Release: May 8, 2012
Genre: Film | Supernatural Thriller
IMDB - Official

All television times are in EST
09/22 - "Ray Donovan" SHO 10PM
Episode: 1.12 "Same Exactly"

09/22 - "Ray Donovan" SHO 11PM
Episode: 1.12 "Same Exactly"

09/23 - "Ray Donovan" SHO 1AM
Episode: 1.12 "Same Exactly"

Movie Premieres
01/18 - "We Are What We Are" Premiere
07/29 - "2 Guns" Premiere

Theater & DVD Releases
01/16 - "Vice" in Theaters
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Friday, Nov 14 2008
Firefox compatible
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under:
ACW is now more firefox compatible, just had to do a few tweaks with it. wink

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been busy with other things and there really hasn't been anything to atleast post about Ambyr. But I will be adding new things and new features to the site, so keep checking back.

I'm keeping the current poll up longer, seeing how no one has been voting, lol. So cast your votes! tongue

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Tuesday, Sep 23 2008
A few new things
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under:
I've added a few new things to the site. First off, I've added a calendar, monthly poll, and a shout box to the left column. The calendar will show different colored highlighted boxes on days where there are events. If you click on the highlighted date it will zoom in and show the event for that day. The monthly poll I WILL change every month, so be sure to cast your votes! And of course most everyone loves a shoutbox. All I ask is that there is NO Ambyr bashing... NO bashing/talking smack on each other... NO using it JUST to promote your site, you can link your site to your name and your name only, and if your site is pornographic or offensive in any way don't even bother, it will be banned from further posting... With that said, have fun with it!

Two new Affiliates have been added, which are... My Colin Egglesfield fansite, Colin Egglesfield Online, and Lindsay's Colin fansite, Be sure to check them out! smile

Also, a reminder of the ACW Newsletter. Any new news or updates I will send out in the newsletter. But you must sign up for it, and don't forget to confirm it in your confirmation email, or you will NOT recieve any newsletters.

Fanlisting reminder! If you are a fan of Ambyr Childers please do join the fanlisting and be listed with the rest of her fans. The fan count is currently 17, and we all know she's got more fans then that! wink

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Wednesday, Aug 27 2008
More Photos Added
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under:
Added a few more pics to the Gallery:

Larger images for the Supima Pop-Up Store Opening - 5 / Copyright to Wireimage and Gettyimages

2 more added for Broadway Cares Fights AIDS Benefit / Copyright to Gettyimages

2 more added for the 2007 Emmy's / Copyright to Wireimage and Filmmagic

And 1 more added for the Gotham Magazine Launch Party / Copyright to Wireimage

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Wednesday, Aug 13 2008
Site Hits
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under:

Site Hits have been restarted.

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Thursday, Aug 07 2008
Photos Added
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under:
The following has been added to the gallery:

4 more Professional pictures of Ambyr
6 more of Ambyr at the 2007 Emmy's / Copyright to Unimedia
Gotham Magazine Launch Party - 5
Supima Pop-Up Store Opening - 4
All My Children Christmas Party 2007 - 12 / Copyright to Steven Bergman
ABC Casino Night 2007 - 21 / Copyright to Steven Bergman
"Daytime Stars & Strikes" to benefit The American Cancer Society - 9 / Copyright to Steven Bergman
Screencaps from the Colby Chandler Soapnet Promo - 24

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Sunday, Jun 29 2008
ACW is back up!
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under:
Sorry for the long wait, but I've been busy with other things lately. Anyhow, Ambyr Childers Web is back open, with a ton of updates!

As you obviously can see we have a new layout. If you reached the site from the index page you've also seen the new splash page with an image of Ambyr to enter the site, when I've got more time I'll also make that a little more graphical. Since I'm on the subject of layouts, the Gallery and the Fanlisting also now have new layouts. If you have not joined the fanlisting yet please do join if you are a fan.

The Forum:
The forum is currently down due to the host (Spreebb) being sold off. Apparently they sold the domain, without letting anyone know (Atleast I wasn't warned), so yeah, I'm a little bitter and mad about that, lol. All my forums were hosted by them and now I have to start all over with all of them. So it might be a little while before I have the forum back up.

As for the Gallery...
Besides the new layout I have added Ambyr's newer official pictures from her official site. But that's all I've gotten done so far. I do have a ton more pictures to add and I will get to them soon. I've also added a category for members to upload their own pictures. There are three seperate albums in this category to split them up. If you have issues with uploading pics feel free to email me.

Text Content:
I've added more to Ambyr's Biography, and there also have been quotes added and an interview. I've added all my sites to my Webmiss page, I think I got them all, lol. Maybe I should double check that one. But as for my forums, I wouldn't bother going to them just yet... all you'll get is a crappy 'Page Can Not Be Displayed' page, and well, that's not very entertaining to look at. LOL, yeah, still mad over here. But what's an update without a little ranting here and there right? Lol, just kidding, moving on...

Everyone loves the media, I know I do, lol. So anyhow, I've added the rest of my MVids that I've made. There's one for Colby Chandler to Lindsay Lohan's song 'Teenage Drama Queen (That Girl)', one for Colby and Sean to Taylor Swift's 'Our Song', and one that includes some other AMC couples to the song 'Kiss Me' by 'Sixpence None The Richer' (Which of course is including Colby and Sean). I've also added a clip section. I've been recording and archiving All My Children and will be clipping them. Yes, I will clip all Colby Chandler scenes for Ambyr Childers Web for easy Colby clip access. But I can't say for sure when I will have them up, so please do be patient. I'll also clip any past and future shows/movies Ambyr has been in also.

And last but not least, On the side bar I've also added a feature MVid, which will change from time to time. And I've also made new buttons for any affiliates or anyone who would like to link to the site with one.

Thanks to everyone who has been patient during the down time of Ambyr Childers Web.

ACW's Webmiss, Danielle

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