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as Sadie
Status: (TBA)
Premiere: (TBA)
Genre: (TBA)
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as Kelly
Status: Post-Production
Premiere: (TBA)
Theater Release: Jan 16, 2015
Genre: Film | Sci-Fi Thriller
IMDB - Official

2 Guns2 GUNS
as Ms. Young
Status: On DVD
Premiere: July 29, 2013
DVD Release: Nov 19, 2013
Genre: Film | Crime-Drama
IMDB - Official

Ray DonovanRAY DONOVAN (S1)
as Ashley Rucker
Status: Completed
Premiere: June 30, 2013
Genre: TV | Drama
Network: Showtime - Sun 10/9c
IMDB - Official

as Iris Parker
Status: On DVD
Premiere: Jan 18, 2013
DVD Release: Jan 7, 2014
Genre: Film | Thriller
IMDB - Official - FB - Instagram

as Milk Skinned Blonde
Status: On DVD
Premiere: Jan 7, 2013
DVD Release: April 23, 2013
Genre: Film | Crime-Drama
IMDB - Official

as Elizabeth
Status: On DVD
Premiere: Sept 7, 2012
DVD Release: Feb 26, 2013
Genre: Film | Drama
IMDB - Official

as Riley
Status: On DVD
Ultra VOD: Feb 3, 2012
DVD Release: May 8, 2012
Genre: Film | Supernatural Thriller
IMDB - Official

All television times are in EST
09/22 - "Ray Donovan" SHO 10PM
Episode: 1.12 "Same Exactly"

09/22 - "Ray Donovan" SHO 11PM
Episode: 1.12 "Same Exactly"

09/23 - "Ray Donovan" SHO 1AM
Episode: 1.12 "Same Exactly"

Movie Premieres
01/18 - "We Are What We Are" Premiere
07/29 - "2 Guns" Premiere

Theater & DVD Releases
01/16 - "Vice" in Theaters
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Sunday, Jul 12 2009
3 new affiliates
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under:
Three new affiliates have been added:

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Friday, May 22 2009
CFF - "Paris, Not France" Cocktail Party
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under:
Ambyr Childers attended the "Paris, Not France" Cocktail Party during the 62nd Annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France on May 19, 2009. We've got 6 photos from the event up in the gallery. Be sure to check them out, She's so adorable :)!
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Wednesday, May 20 2009
Newsletter ~ Guestbook ~ Gallery
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under:
Sorry for lack of updates recently, but I'm starting to pick back up...

The newsletter and guestbook are finally up, so if you'd like instant updates in your email inbox be sure to sign up for the newsletter! And guestbook signings are always appreciated :).

NEW layout is up in the gallery! I'm really liking this one, so enjoy ;). I have also done some category and album rearranging in there.

In addition to the new gallery layout I've added some more photos. There's a few more photoshoot pics, plus 10 more photos from the 34th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, which are great quality and untagged; most of them are new ones, while there's a couple that replaced some older tagged ones.

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Sunday, Apr 12 2009
Happy Easter! :)
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under:

Hope you all have a good one! wink

(SOTM and Monthly Poll are staying put for the time being)
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Wednesday, Mar 04 2009
Poll Results ~ SOTM
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under:
The Monthly Poll has been switched out, there is a new one up so be sure to vote! The old poll results are as follows:

ACW Poll 1
There were a total of 8 votes. Drama won 1st place with 3 votes, Teen and Romance tied in 2nd with 2 votes each, and Thriller came in last with 1 vote... haha, that was me :P, lmao. Anyways, if you'd like to still vote in this poll for fun you can do so in the Monthly Poll section. You can find this poll here.

Site Of The Month has now been changed to the Dickie Roberts Official site.

I will have the new newsletter and guestbook up soon, so keep checking back. In the meantime be sure to join the Ambyr Childers Fanlisting.
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Friday, Feb 06 2009
2 Years Online! New Layout + More!
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under:
As you can see, ACW has a new layout! YAY! At first it was turning out pink and grey again (but different shades), and I was gonna leave it but then decided nah I've had enough of looking at pink and grey, so I changed the colors, lol.

There are a bunch of new features, but some are currently down til I can finish them, please be patient, thank you.

There is a new fan section for you guys. Here you will find ways to interact with and contribute to the site. I'm not gonna get into too much detail with it, you can just browse around and check it out wink

Video Archive: There WILL be a video archive for clips and videos. I have not got around to making it yet, but it will be there soon. You will also be able to upload your own fan made videos to the archive too. For more info on that check out the Contribute page.

Art Works: There also will be an art gallery for fanart. Again, this one is not finished, but will be up soon. You also will be able to contribute to this gallery.

Message Board: The forums are still down, I haven't had time to remake a new one. But as soon as I get some time I will have a new one up! I'll keep you posted.

Two other things that are currently down is the Newsletter and Guestbook. I will keep you posted when they are up.

Image Gallery is still up and I will be posting some new updates for the gallery soon too.

The Fanlisting of course is also still up, If you would like to show that you are an Ambyr fan be sure to join with the rest of her fans and get listed!

Monthly Poll is gonna stay on the current one til the first of March, so you still have plenty of time to vote if you haven't yet. smile

Directory & Affiliates: Remember, if you have a site (no matter what kind) and you would like to be affiliates with ACW or be listed in the directory be sure to email me and let me know! Affiliates are always welcome!

Feel free to browse around and check out what's new to the site, and keep checking back for some upcoming updates! Hope you all have a great night!
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Monday, Dec 29 2008
Official Site and some gorgeous pics
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under:
I don't know what is going on with Ambyr's official site, but it's not there anymore. I'm not connected with her or her site so no questions on that please, I do not know. If anyone does have info on that feel free to email me and let me know. Or you can post a comment to this update. She might just have to renew it or something.

I've found some pics of Ambyr but they are not allowed to be taken. You can see them by following this link. Just click the "next" link on the site to scroll through them. Be sure to check them out, they are gorgeous!

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Friday, Dec 19 2008
Transferred hosts
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under:
Sorry for the long wait, but I've had to switch hosts. The site was also down for a few days too. I have some other things I need to get finished before I get back on top with ACW. As for Ambyr, there still is no new news on her.

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