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2 Guns2 GUNS
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Premiere: July 29, 2013
DVD Release: Nov 19, 2013
Genre: Film | Crime-Drama
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Premiere: June 30, 2013
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DVD Release: Jan 7, 2014
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Premiere: Jan 7, 2013
DVD Release: April 23, 2013
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Premiere: Sept 7, 2012
DVD Release: Feb 26, 2013
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DVD Release: May 8, 2012
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Episode: 1.12 "Same Exactly"

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Episode: 1.12 "Same Exactly"

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Wednesday, Apr 07 2010
"Twelve" Trailer + Release date
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under:
Finally! A trailer for Joel Schumacher's film "Twelve" has been leaked! Ambyr is in it, but it's a 'blink and you missed her' moment. See if you can find her ;P.

Hannover House is setting "Twelve" for a July 2nd release.

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Friday, Mar 26 2010
Randall Emmett's Birthday Bash At STK + Baby London's 1st Photo
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under:
Ambyr has emerged back into the spotlight once again, this time after giving birth to her precious baby girl, London, back in February. Here she is at her husband (and producer) Randall Emmett's birthday bash at STK:

Randall Emmett's Birthday Bash At STK (10)

And here is baby London's first photo, via Leven Rambin's Twitter.

Sunday, Mar 21 2010
Have You Met Ambyr? Poll Update ~ AMC clips coming soon
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under:
I am still keeping this poll up, it seems to still be a hit. Currently there are 34 votes total and 26 of them are 'Yes', along with 6 comments posted. I am enjoying reading the comments everyone has posted, thank you! I'm sure everyone else enjoys reading them too, and that is why I'm thinking from now on I will do updates for this poll, making updates of the comments posted on it. That way everyone can read them without having to revisit the poll each time. Even if you have not met Ambyr yourself feel free to leave your comments about her too. Here are the current comments posted:

From JM: I grew up with her.

From Beth Linge: She and my son, Jared worked together on the Chef-Boy-R-Dee commercials in Houston and I took them out one night to a Lazar rock show.

From Lisa: Met her at various AMC events.

From Bobbie Church: Ambyr is my cousin :-)

From Alice Bromund: I was her second grade teacher in Menifee,CA. She was my star student! I am so proud of her now! "Ms. Bromund"


Note: While I'm sure Ambyr would also appreciate your comments, keep in mind that this is an unofficial site and I can not gaurentee that she visits here and will read your comments. They are very much appreciated and I'd like them to keep coming, just please don't post things that are directed straight towards her (This includes in the chatbox too). I know it's hard to get in touch with her right now and I will keep you updated when new things emerge, but until then you can follow her on Twitter.

Also... I know things are extremely slow, so during Ambyr's down time I will start catching up on some All My Children stuff. I will start getting AMC clips (and screencaptures) up soon.

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Monday, Feb 01 2010
Ambyr Childers is a mommy!
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under:
As most know, Ambyr is good friends with Leven Rambin, and according to Leven via Twitter, Ambyr is now a new mommy!
She posted 14 hrs ago:
London comes tonight!!! @AmbyrChilders is a mommy!!

Congratulations to Ambyr, Randall, and the rest of her family and friends!

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Tuesday, Nov 17 2009
More AFI Fest Screening Of "Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans"
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under:
Added 7 more photos from the AFI Fest Screening Of "Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans" event in MQ :)

AFI Fest Screening Of "Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans" - MQ (7)
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Tuesday, Nov 17 2009
Lots Of Ambyr News!
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under:
Alright, so first of all I guess I'll start with the whole husband and pregnant rumor buzz. As everyone knows for awhile now Ambyr has been pretty low key and there's been no news on her. Well, I can officially set that to rest. I'm very happy to say that Ambyr is now back out in the spotlight, she IS married, and YES... very pregnant, lol.

I had been following her on Twitter for awhile now. I'm pretty skeptical about those things and didn't want to post anything about a twitter until I knew absolutely sure it was her. I kind of thought it was because she'd talk about certain things, like her sister, All My Children, and she'd Tweet with a certain Leven Rambin. But still, I wanted physical proof and I got it once she recently put up a picture. And not just any picture, a picture of herself with her husband Randall Emmett (movie producer), and sporting a baby bump. And a few little details on that little bun in the oven? She's 30 weeks along, it's a girl, and she's been calling her London.

And, as if that wasn't enough... Ambyr is in the upcoming 2010 film "Twelve"! No telling yet what kind of part it is or how big or small, but the cast includes Chace Crawford, Keifer Sutherland, 50 Cent, and many more!

I'm very happy and excited for Ambyr, and I wish her nothing but the best with her husband, baby London, and her rising career. Enjoy some pictures of her posted below from the AFI Fest Screening Of "Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans" :)

AFI Fest Screening Of "Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans" - MQ (1)

AFI Fest Screening Of "Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans" (18)

BTW, I've added her tweets in the sidebar, don't forget to follow her on Twitter :)!
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Tuesday, Nov 17 2009
Image Gallery Update
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under:
Thanks to Jennifer I've added some miscellaneous photos to the Image Gallery.

Candids (1)

Unknown Scans (2)

Autographs (2)

Lisa Rose Photoshoot (4)
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Monday, Aug 03 2009
Yahoo Group ~ Younger Photos
Posted by: Danielle | Filed under:
Yahoo Group Update
Unfortunately the old Yahoo Group for Ambyr Childers had been deleted, but Jennifer recreated a spanking brand new one :)! The links have been updated, so be sure to stop by the group and rejoin! [link]

Image Gallery
In addition, thanks to Jennifer from the group we have some younger looking Ambyr photos uploaded to the gallery. You can check them out here.


While things are slow the Poll and Site Of The Month are still going to remain the same. But do check out the current poll now. There are 13 votes, and some have even posted comments. Thanks for the comments everyone, I'm sure everyone enjoys reading them :).

I will have some new projects coming up for the site, thanks for the patience!
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