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Registrations - Registrations are validated by email. Once you have registered you will need to go to your email that you have registered with and follow the instructions given to you in the email sent.


No profanity in comments - Please watch what you say in comments, don't use profanity. It is offensive to some, so lets keep it clean and friendly.


No redistribution - Images may be used in graphics and layouts, but please don't redistribute the images from this gallery on other sites without permission first. I've spent a lot of hard work and time collecting, retrieving and creating them, it's taken a lot of work. Stealing is inconsiderate and rude... ask and you shall recieve. If all you want is a few to post on your blog that is fine, all I ask is you give credit. Anything that has been donated to the site will not be allowed for any redistribution, they belong to the people who have donated them to ACW. So I will not just hand them out. If you would like them, take it up with the donators.


No Spamming - Do not post links to other sites in the comments. This is a spam free gallery, thank you!



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